Stuffed Burger Filling Ideas

Here’s a list of different stuffed burger filling ideas.  Try them out and let us know how it went.  If you have other ideas, please leave a comment so others can try it as well.

  1. The classic — American cheese
  2. cheddar cheese
  3. bacon and cheddar
  4. bacon, barbecue sauce, and cheddar
  5. bacon, onions, and cheese
  6. bacon, grilled onions and peppers, Havarti cheese
  7. macaroni and cheese
  8. chicken cordon bleu
  9. Stuffed Hot Dago — Mozzarella and marinara on a toasted garlic bread
  10. bacon and blue cheese
  11. lamb burger stuffed with feta and with tomato, cucumber and tzatziki on top
  12. buffalo chicken burger stuffed with bleu cheese
  13. sauteed onions and mushrooms with bacon
  14. Hawaiian — mozzarella and Canadian bacon (or ham or Spam) and topped with pineapple slices
  15. Alternative Hawaiian — mozzarella with Canadian bacon and pineapple pieces
  16. caramelized onions and Swiss cheese
  17. American cheese with bacon and topped with a fried egg
  18. mushroom and Swiss
  19. pepper-jack and diced jalapenos
  20. pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce
  21. Thanksgiving Stufz — Turkey burger with sage and rosemary stuffed with mashed potatoes and bacon.  Top it with gravy. (Cranberry sauce on the side) 😉
  22. poblano peppers and cheddar cheese
  23. chili con queso
  24. spinach and feta
  25. chili mac
  26. bacon and Havarti cheese
  27. Fajita burger — chicken or beef stuffed with peppers and onions
  28. brie cheese

10 Responses to Stuffed Burger Filling Ideas

  1. JOE WOOD says:


  2. Valerie says:

    Fantastic, we stuffed ours with green peppers, onions, and mild cheddar cheese.

  3. tina ferriter says:

    Why not shepards pie? Make instant mashed potatoes, open a can of green beans stuff it and cook it. Then smother with brown gravy.

  4. Dalia says:

    I need ideas to stuff this burger with no cheese or dairy products of any sort and nothing spicy… oh and no onions or bell peppers. Sorry I have an allergic husband. Please help.

    • Raun says:

      Not sure if your “no dairy” requirement is a preference or due to lactose intolerance, so I’ll throw this out there for you — if the dairy issue is due to lactose intolerance, take a look at Kraft brand cheeses. Many of them say “0g lactose” on the package. That might open up your options.

      That being said, I’m sure there are options for you.

      Try a turkey burger stuffed with mashed sweet potatoes and topped with cranberry sauce.

      I make a Greek-style chicken burger that is fantastic — Here’s the link: . Leave out the feta cheese and it’s still really good.

      I know you mentioned no onions, but what if they are caramelized? There’s nothing harsh about those. If you’d be willing to go that route, try adding a little red wine to the hamburger meat and stuffing with caramelized onions and bacon. (if you find the Kraft cheese to be suitable, try this with their swiss cheese.

      I hope that helps!

  5. corey says:

    how about chili cheese french fry stuffed burger very good

  6. Nannette says:

    Try bacon, onions, colby cheese, and jalapenos. Awesome

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